Spray Chamber, HF PC³ Sample Introduction Kit


HF PC³ Sample Introduction Kit (Peltier Cooled PFA Cyclonic Spray
Chamber) for X-Series2, with PFA nebulizer. Includes:
PC3 Peltier-cooler and power supply (ES-4160)
PFA baffled cyclonic spray chamber with threaded drain port, flanged
teflon drain tubing, and threaded additional gas port. (ES-3160-3111-21)
PFA-ST Nebulizer (ES-2040)
4-piece set of Phar-Med peristaltic pump tubing (grey/grey)
1.8mm O-ring-free sapphire injector (ES-1203-3180)
O-ring free demountable quartz torch (ES-1202-0301)

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Instruments: X-Series

Category: Glassware